Project 2000 – From the album It’s About Time : Supershag-(Polydor 2000)

Aphrodite from the album Aftershock Be With Me (V2 2002)

Cinerex ft Miss Bunty – Simple Song (NEWS 2002)

Sander Kleinenberg from the EP 4 Seasons (part 3 Of 3) (Little Mountain Recordings 2003)

Matt Flores-from the album Metaworld Remenisce The Future( Combination Records 2003)

Sander Kleinenberg from the album Everybody Roland Klinkenberg ft Miss Bunty Funk The Key Word ( Renaissance 2003)

Adani & Wolf from the Album Les Seigneurs “Yesterdays Shadows „(Therapy Recordings 2003)

Tyler Durden ft Miss Bunty- Cause I Know (Elan Records 2004)

Saturated Soul ft Miss Bunty – Got to Release( Defected 2004)

Dub Deluxe ft Miss Bunty -Youre No Good For Me  (Lickin Tribe 2005)

ian Carey and Mochino ft Miss Bunty -Say what you want (Nero Recordings and Spinning Records 2006 )

Gregor Salto & Ricky Rivaro -Real People ( Radikal Rythem 2006)

Aphrodie from the album Break In Reality, Thats The Way(,Moist music 2007)

Sunloverz ft Miss Bunty -Show Me – (Hed Kandi Records 2007)

Dave Lambert & Housetrap ft Miss Bunty , Lead me There( Belgian House Maffia 2008)

ARC ft Miss Bunty -Can’t Let Go (Date France 2009)

VJT & Mario Da Ragnio ft Miss Bunty (Caballero Recordings 2009)

Axwell Kae ft Miss Bunty , Cross The Nation (Episoderecordings 2010)

Vincent Thomas – Feelings for you (Swings Records 2010)

Dos Palomas Negras & Miss Bunty-Somebody  (Earforce 2010)

2 Elements ft Miss Bunty- Speed (Nervous Records 2010)

Steven Quarre & Morris Mavado -Hold On  (Discopolis Recordings 2010)

Stonebridge , J-C ft Miss Bunty -Break Free( Hed Kandi Records 2011)

BUNTY -Get In Line (Dos Palomas Negras Records 2012)

TWR 72 ft Miss Bunty- Summer of 91 ( Instant Replay 2012)

Mike Scot ft Miss Bunty & Saxy Mr S -Heaven (Purple Music 2012)

J-C ft Miss Bunty – C’est La Vie (Stoney Boy Music 2012)

Album  BUNTY -ReAnimated (Dos Palomas Negras Records 2013)

BUNTY -Fire (Dos Palomas Negras Records 2013)

Jessy Garcia, Nick & Danny Chatelain ft Miss Bunty – Sax ( Goanche 2013)

Dutchican Soul ft Miss Bunty -Never Give Up (Deepalma Soul 2013)

Adani & Wolf ft Miss Bunty -General Electric Paradise( Adani & Wolf Recordings 2013)

Mike Scot & Jazzy D ft Miss Bunty -Wake Up( Purple Music 2013)

Frederik Abas ft Miss Bunty – Never Gonna Give Up( Pyro Records 2013)

Marek Mela ft Miss Bunty – Bring Me Love( Kult Records 2013)

Teddy’s Philly Sound ft Miss Bunty – Ready To Slide (Fogbank Recordings 2014)

Shinedoe  ft Miss Bunty -Circle of Live (Intacto Records 2014)


Hed Kandi -World Series Ibiza, Disco Kandi, Disco Heaven, A taste of Hed Kandi Summer, Hed Kandi the mix Summer 2008, The Mix 2006, Beach House 2012, A Taste of Kandi Summer 2011

Subliminal-Herd & Fitz -Subliminal Sunset, Jorge Jamarillo -Winter Sessions Vol.3

Azuli Records David Piccioni Future Sound of Dance Underground

Ministry Of Sound- Steve Angello  Sessions , Clubbers Guide 2006

Global Underground -Deep Dish Toronto

Nervous Records Oscar G – Live From NYC